Formation of the RP Church of Canada

You are invited to join us for a special public worship service in the Ottawa RP Church building on Friday May 12th at 7PM (EDT) at which time the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Canada will be formally established. Rev. Harry Metzger, Moderator of the RPCNA, will be preaching and following will take place:

  • The Pastors and Ruling Elders of the church will be asked to give their public assent to the RPCC Vows of Office,
  • The Deacons in the church will be asked to take vows affirming their willingness to abide by the contents of this constitution.
  • The communicant members present will be given the opportunity to give their assent to the terms of membership of the RPCC.

The link to the livestream of the service can be found below.

The order of service can be viewed here.