Everyone has a set of beliefs or ideals in their life which directs the way they think and behave. Churches are no different, we as a church have a statement of belief that has historical depth and yet remains incredibly relevant for today. It is called a Confession and the beauty of it is that you can read it and know exactly what we believe the Bible teaches about God, his Word, Man, Salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Christian Liberty, Religious Worship, Oaths and Vows, Marriage and Divorce, Death and Eternal Life. It is not the Bible, but it collates information from the Bible on these topics with scriptural proofs. It is not difficult to read, but it does require thought, but then anything in life that is worth something requires thought. Here is a link to the document. You will also find in this document a list of helpful questions and answers on the same subjects, the simpler version of the questions is called the Shorter Catechism and a second set called the Larger Catechism which goes into more detail. If you really want to understand what we as a church believe, time spent in these documents will be of great help to you.

In how God wants us to worship him and how Jesus wants his Bride to be governed, we have another document that we call a Constitution. This document can be read here. Some aspects can be a bit technical, but it is good for any community to have clarity about its principal purpose and how the people within it are cared for by the leadership.

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