The Reformed Presbyterian Church can trace its roots back into the 16th century and the first reformation in Scotland. Please see here for more information about this early history. It is a history that involves stories of deep love for God, persecution and great heroism. The church, by God’s grace, has grown out of the the second reformation through the persecution of the covenanters in Scotland through to the present day RP Church. There are now churches in Australia, Canada, Chile, East Asia, India, Ireland, Japan, Scotland, The Gambia, USA and mission churches in other locations.

The first Reformed Presbyterian congregations in Canada were established in the early 19th century, and by the 1870s those congregations had become part of a denomination covering the USA and Canada. On May 12th 2023, the RP Church of Canada was established for theological and practical reasons. The idea of a nationally covenanted church is a Biblical reality.  The command of Lord Jesus to his universal visible Church is to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20.)  God created the nations with languages, lands and boundaries, (Genesis 10:5,20,31-32 and Acts 17:26), and we know from Psalm 2:10-12 that every civil magistrate must serve the Lord with fear and ‘kiss the Son of God.’ This responsibility requires that national civil governments address the unity and peace of the church, (Westminster Confession of Faith Chapter 23:3). There are also practical reasons for the formation of the RP Church of Canada including the necessity for the ministers and elders to be given the time and opportunity to form and implement a coherent vision for the church in Canada. 

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